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Aprvtio TE-03 TH Temperature Humidity Data Logger with High Precision Digital Probe, Accuracy up to ±0.3°C, Auto PDF&CSV Reports, LED Warning Light, Compliant with

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Data loggers are electronic instruments that record information over a period of time for later use. They vary in accuracy and functionality. Parameters recorded include temperature, relative humidity, pressure, water level, voltage, current power, MORE +. Temperature Logger With Probe

Gain Express AZ Instruments 4 Channel K Type Thermometer SD Card Data Logger Thermocouple Temperature + 2 Bead Type K-Thermocouple Probe. 4.4 out of 5 stars 129. 50+ viewed in past week. $134.90 $ 134. 90. ... Aprvtio TE-03 TH Temperature Humidity Data Logger with High Precision Digital Probe, Accuracy up to ±0.3°C, Auto PDF&CSV

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InTemp® Data Logger (365 Day) The InTemp CX503 Bluetooth® Low Energy data logger is a multiple-use logger that records temperature data for up to a year. Designed for Cold Chain, CRT, and Frozen shipments, the CX503 is ideal for closed-loop monitoring applications, as well as qualification testing and equipment validation. Details.

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Jun 22, 2020· Overall, data loggers create a false sense of security. Here are the 7 common problems that users face and the ways in which a real-time data acquisition system solves them: 1. Disparate Data and Data

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WiFi Thermistor Probe Data Logger EL-WiFi-21CFR-TP 21CFR WiFi Thermistor Probe Data Logger Wireless Alert TP Temperature monitor with email alerts Price $172.49 In Stock Add Calibration Please select a

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Most probes for temperature data loggers use either thermocouples or thermistors. There are special loggers designed to be submerged (e.g., rated IP68) and certain probes engineered for extreme temperatures (e.g., -300F to 2000F).

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testo 174 T - Mini temperature data logger Order-Nr. 0572 1560 ZAR 1,330.45 incl. VAT ZAR 1,530.02 Details When purchasing a data logger for temperature, there are various factors that have a role to play: high level of accuracy effective repeatability for test purposes long rechargeable battery service life low follow-on costs very good software

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LOG-IC 360BT Temp+RH Temperature and humidity data logger with Bluetooth LOG-IC-360BT LOG-IC 360BT Temperature data logger with Bluetooth SwiTrace IPMT8.CRYO Multi-Use, -200°C to +260°C Temperature Range, PT100 External Sensor $ 350.00 SwiTrace IPST8.CRYO Single-Use, -200°C to +260°C Temperature Range, PT100

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OM-CP-HITEMP140 A rugged, high precision, temperature data logger for harsh environments. This submersible stainless steel device withstands temperatures to 140°C at ±0.1°C View Specs See More Items from this Family (7) OM-CP-XTCTemp-Series X-Series - Multi Channel Thermocouple Loggers

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If you need to monitor temperature, you need the best data logger that puts the most accurate, reliable data at your fingertips. Versatile and compatible with multiple remote monitoring solutions, our temperature

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Operating temperature range: -22 to 140ºF (-30 to 60ºC) Temperature range: -40 to 185ºF (-40 to 85ºC) Accuracy: ±1.1ºF (±0.6°C) at -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C), else ±2.2°F (±1.2°C) RH range: 0 to 100%, Accuracy: ±3% at 77°F (25°C, 10 to 90%), else ±5% CO 2 Range: 0 to 9999 PPM. Accuracy: ±50 PPM ±5% of reading (0 to 2000 PPM), else unspecified

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7 Products Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers These dataloggers are used to monitor and record temperature and/or humidity. Available in either single or multi channel inputs for thermocouple, RTD, thermistor, & infrared temperature sensors. View All Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers Process Voltage and Current Data Loggers

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Data-Logging Hand-Held Thermometers With 1 Probe Input With 2 Probe Inputs With 3 Probe Inputs With 4 Probe Inputs With 12 Probe Inputs Measure and store temperature readings and upload the data to a PC. Thermometers with a USB output transfer data through your PC's USB port.

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Overview. The EL-MOTE-TP is a Cloud-enabled, WiFi data logger, designed to monitor temperature in a large range of indoor and outdoor applications. EasyLog Cloud harnesses the power of IoT to automate data logging and alert notifications - perfect for both compact systems with just a few sensor requirements to corporate solutions with thousands ...

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You will find a choice of loggers covering temperatures from -90°C to 140°C. Beyond these limits, a thermal shield is necessary to measure temperatures up to +1300°C. Sensorsare Pt100, Pt1000 or thermocouples for high temperature data loggers. The probes have various forms and dimensions.

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The Tred30-16 R LogTag data logger with temperature probe & thermal dampener is ideal for vaccine storage temperature monitoring. A gold-plated connector enables a remote temperature probe and thermal dampener attachment. It stores up to 15,900 temperature readings over a -40°C to +99°C measurement range and features an LCD display, 30

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Probe Temperature Measurement Range: -40 to 125°C (-40 to 257°F) Resolution (Internal and Displayed): 0.5°C (1.0°F) Accuracy (Data Logger Error @ 25°C): ±0.1°C (±0.2°F) typical (does not include thermistor probe error) Accuracy (Thermistor Probe): See thermistor probe accuracy charts on PDF

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Jul 20, 2021· Today, temperature in critical locations is commonly monitored using digital data loggers (DDLs). These are compact, easy to deploy, and have greatly enhanced capabilities compared to thermometers and paper chart recorders. State of the art temperature monitoring equipment is able to measure temperature around the clock,

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GMPF CO2 RF collects real time CO2, temperature and pressure values and sends the data to XpertLog® Software. With an accuracy of ±0.5% CO2 and ±0.1°C, GMPF CO2 RF allows you to measure CO2 up to 20% and

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For wide-range temperature monitoring. The RFL series data loggers use Vaisala's LoRa® based VaiNet wireless technology to monitor temperature in fridges, freezers, incubators, LN2 tanks, cold rooms, and very low

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Reliable, long-term water data collection, simplified Known for their ease-of-use and years of reliable performance, HOBO water temperature data loggers are the most widely used in the world...for accurate monitoring

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Low profile (35mm height) standard data logger with long flexible sensor for recording temperature values. Easy to program and install, no data loss during validation process, multiple users can share simultaneously the

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Temperature EasyLog | EL-IOT-1 $97.99 WiFi Cloud-Connected Ambient Temperature Data Logger Temperature This Cloud-connected temperature data logger can remotely monitor an environment over a -20°C to +60°C measurement range. View EasyLog | EL-WiFi-TPX+ $285.99 WiFi-Connected High-Accuracy Temperature Data Logger with

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Use the wireless EL-MOTE-TP temperature monitoring device with thermistor probe to stream, view and record temperature readings via the Cloud, 24/7, using any web browser, smartphone or tablet. The t

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CAS DataLoggers is a distributor of data loggers, data acquisition equipment, temperature monitoring systems, and paperless recorders. Our team of sales engineers specialize in

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testo 174T - Mini temperature data logger Order-Nr. 0572 1560 $ 79.20 excl. tax Details Where to Buy Highly efficient validation of your pasteurization, sterilization and freeze-drying processes. Products for