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Vaccines for Children/CDC | Onset's HOBO and InTemp Data Loggers

CX5000 Gateway's immediate, automatic email and/or text notifications alert you to critical temperature alarms in your refrigerators and freezers. Preprogrammed data downloads. CX5000 enables automatic email and/or text alert notifications via InTempConnect to immediately be informed of critical alarms and reports via email upon all data ...

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-80°C Freezer Data Loggers Ultra low temperature data loggers Our data loggers can be used inside and outside an ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer, with the special batteries and sensors required to deliver accurate data at temperatures around -80°C. Robust freezer data loggers

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Measures power and energy consumption of 120V office equipment plug loads, 0.5% accuracy. ... Ultra low freezer validation system measures as low as -86°C with memory for 32,767 readings. Starting at . ... Lyophilization data logger, records temperatures as low as -60°C, hermetically sealed 48 inch thermistor.

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temperature data-logger LoRa TEMP+ ES wireless Pt100 without display Memory capacity: 10,000 unit The connected temperature logger LoRa TEMP+ ES can be

UTREL30-16 Ultra-Low Temp Data Logger - Thermco Products

Jan 12, 2018· A CDC / VFC compliant ISO/IEC 17025 NIST traceable temperature data logger for monitoring & recording temperatures of vaccines in refrigerators or freezers.

VaiNet Wireless Temperature Data Logger RFL100

The RFL series data loggers use Vaisala's LoRa® based VaiNet wireless technology to monitor temperature in fridges, freezers, incubators, LN2 tanks, cold rooms, and very low temperature freezers. Each RFL data

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May 9, 2017· The manufacturer's recommended temperature range is 2-8˚C for the storage & transportation of medicines. In order to ensure this, we have to use specially designed

Temperature Data Loggers for Fridges & Freezers | Loggershop

Choose from a wide range of ultra-low temperature data loggers with various fridge and freezer temperature probes to measure temperatures as low as -80°C. All our freezer and fridge data loggers deliver and record accurate temperature data and send out automated alarm notifications in accordance with your operating procedures.

Freezer Data Logger at Thomas Scientific

The LTTREL8 Low Temperature Remote Probe Logger measures and stores up to 8000 temperature readings over -80°C to +40°C (-112°F to +104°F) measurement range from

Cryo Temp Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger with Display

Low power consumption Waterproof package comply with IP67 All the data and parameters pre-programmed by factory, Easy to operate. Technical Parameters Temperature Range: -121°F ~104°F, -85°C ~40°C All accuracy: +/-1°F/ + 0.5°C Resolution : 0.01°F/ 0.01°C Data Capacity: 7200 group Download speed: less than 5 seconds

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Data Loggers Devices used to collect and record physical data such as temperature, humidity, speed, sound, and light levels to ensure sample quality and regulatory compliance during storage, transportation, and handling. May be wireless and with/without display.

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power data-logger HOBO UX120-018 energy consumption USB with LCD display Memory capacity: 1,400,000 unit Onset's HOBO Plug Load Data Logger is a high-accuracy, easy-to-deploy data logger that measures and records the power and energy consumption of 120V ... current data-logger VPFlowTerminal temperature pressure humidity

Freezer Temperature Logger- Freezer Alarm & Monitoring System

The SenseAnywhere fridge and freezer monitoring system is ideal for this application. It sends secure live data sent straight to the cloud, and Instant SMS and email alerts for if temperature conditions go out of your set parameters means your good are always protected. You have 24/7 access to your data via any smart device from anywhere in the ...

Ultra Low Temperature Monitoring Systems - CAS DataLoggers

CAS DataLoggers is a distributor of data loggers, data acquisition equipment, temperature monitoring systems, and paperless recorders. Our team of sales engineers

Wireless Data Loggers for Cold Storage Monitoring

Mar 31, 2022· The SRF612 has a range of -40°C to +125°C/-40°F to +257°F. The SRF614 wireless ultra-low temperature data logger is for temperature measurement inside

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Ultra low temperature freezers NexusThis state-of-the-art range of ultra-freezers is specifically designed and tested for professionals in the biomedical sector - ideally suited

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Traceable Memory-Loc Datalogging Thermometers. Traceable Memory-Loc Datalogging Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometers can be used in 21 CFR 11 environments. Use in 21 CFR 11 environments, raw data is locked and may not be cleared/changed on base unit. Data-logging thermometer with fixed one minute logging interval. Stores up to 10 unique

I-Plug IPST8.ICE Temperature Data Logger - CAS

The IPST8.ICE logger monitors the temperature of its environment at a Temperature range of -80°C to +20°C. The logger takes measurements with a typical accuracy of 1.0°C and a resolution of 0.02°C. The PDF

Ultra Low Temperature Monitoring Systems - CAS DataLoggers

Ultra Low Temperature Monitoring Systems - CAS DataLoggers for a custom recommendation or Call (800)956-4437 to speak to a product specialist Home » Ultra Low Temperature Monitoring Ultra Low Temperature Monitoring Ultra low temperature monitoring solutions for ultra-low freezers and Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) tanks.

CryoTemp | Cold Chain Low Temperature Data Logger

The CryoTemp data Logger is specifically designed for ultra low temperature monitoring and is able to withstand temperatures as low as -86°C. With a long battery life that typically lasts a year the Cryotemp is a

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Oct 29, 2021· The OM-CP-CRYO-TEMP ultra low temperature data logger records temperatures as low as -86°C (-122ºF). The OM-CP-CRYO-TEMP can be used in a broad line of applications such as monitoring blood plasma, vaccines, pharmaceutical, frozen foods and shipping containers.This stand-alone device does not require any additional probes.

Real Time Wireless Data Logger For Ultra-Low Freezers Validation

Apr 20, 2021· Lives XpertLog ® real time temperature data loggers are designed to measure temperatures inside ultra-low freezers down to -120°C for special pharma

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Different models of Temperature Data Loggers Posted on February 1, 2015 by Vacker — 3 Comments ↓ VackerGlobal supplies a wide range of temperature data loggers. These are for applications such as Pharma, life care, agriculture, logistics etc. Few of our major models are listed herein.

Refrigerator temperature logger solution | Fridge-tag 2 L - Berlinger

Fridge-tag 2 L is a high precision temperature data logger for the continuous monitoring of sensitive vaccines and pharmaceuticals stored in medical refrigerators & freezers. The Fridge-tag 2 L automatically triggers an alarm, if a critical temperature deviation outside the predefined temperature range will be measured. This enables you and your staff to react

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ThermElc TE-02 Temperature Data logger Reusable with Auto PDF Report -30°C ~+60°C Save 40% ThermElc Global SKU: TE-02 Price: £17.99 £29.99 Tax included Shipping calculated at checkout Stock: In stock Quantity: Add to cart Description Description

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Measures power and energy consumption of 120V office equipment plug loads, 0.5% accuracy. ... Ultra low freezer validation system measures as low as -86°C with memory for 32,767 readings. Starting at . ...

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Euprys WiFi dataloggers will work in all types of freezer brands. It does not matter whether it is a high profile medical freezer or a low-end consumer freezer. Below are the most commonly used freezer brands in Labs and Pharmaceutical companies. Liebherr Gram Vestfrost Kirsch ThermoFischer Dometic Panasonic