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Use Of Correct Data Loggers for Vaccines and other

must face. This is the reason why temperature data loggers are impor-tant as they play a crucial role in the transportation and storage process of vaccines. Here we are going to offer you some useful information to choose the most suitable data logger for cold chain monitoring. The use of digital data loggers (such as ebro EBI 300 series)

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Jan 19, 2022· All storage units must be equipped with a specific type of TMD known as a digital data logger (DDL). DDLs provide details on all temperatures the unit has reached at preset intervals. DDLs should have the following features: Detachable, buffered probe (or digitally buffered device that mimics buffered probe)

Accurate Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Using Digital

Storage temperature control is vital to maintaining vaccine potency Storage outside 2 °C to 8°C range can render vaccines ineffective A meta-analysis published inVaccine

A thorough analysis of the Cold Chain Monitoring Data Loggers

May 11, 2023· Cold chain monitoring data loggers are essential for the medical and pharmaceutical industry to ensure that temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines, drugs, and medical devices are stored ...


☐ Temperature logger data: provide copies for all data logger recordings relevant to this report. ☐ Vaccine fridge twice daily min/max temperature chart (if applicable) ☐ Min/max temperature chart used during transfer of vaccines e.g. esky (if applicable) ☐ Other temperature data (if applicable) COVID-19 VACCINATION PROGRAM

Temperature integrity and exposure of vaccines to suboptimal ...

Jun 3, 2020· Temperature recording at stores. The study followed WHO protocol for temperature monitoring in the vaccine cold chain [].We used LogTag-Trix8 data loggers (range -40 °C to + 85 °C; precision ±0.5 °C) to record the temperatures (LogTag Recorders, Auckland, New Zealand) every 15 min [].The data logger battery and memory could

A thorough analysis of the Cold Chain Monitoring Data Loggers

May 11, 2023· Cold chain monitoring data loggers are essential for the medical and pharmaceutical industry to ensure that temperature-sensitive products such as

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Find answers on cold chain equipment procurement and technical issues. ... data loggers and dial thermometers, and; ... The number of coolant packs required for a cold box or vaccine carrier varies according to the type of cold box or vaccine carriers. Coolant packs are available in 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 litre capacity. ...

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Feb 1, 2021· Pharmaceutical life science products require cold chain supply and one of the common temperature ranges is 2 – 8°C (35.6 – 46.4 °F). Monitoring the cold chain is a

ACCRT8002 Vaccine Temperature Data Logger - Henry Schein

Medical Diagnostic & Emergency / Diagnostic & Med Equipment / Cold Storage / Recording & Monitoring Devices / ... 41111979 Additional attributes; Vaccine Temperature Data Logger 5mL -50 to 70C Ea 1240381 | Thermco Products, Inc ... Item Type. Vaccine Temperature. Mount/Base. Desktop. Power/Manual. 3-AAA 1.5V Battery ...


The data logger functions as a "reusable Cold Chain temperature monitor" for use mainly in Cold Chain studies, vaccine refrigerators and freezers. Prior to using this device, it must be configured. The date, time, recording interval, unit of measure, etc., can be configured according to user preference.

Use Of Correct Data Loggers for Vaccines and other

The use of digital data loggers (such as ebro EBI 300 series) to monitor temperature changes along the vaccine cold chain is vital to the vaccines' effectiveness. Everything

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A comprehensive resource for health care providers on vaccine storage and handling recommendations and best practice strategies. The Toolkit includes guidance on managing and storing vaccine inventory, using

IMM-1305: COVID-19 Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

Ultra-Cold Temperatures: For accurate ultra-cold temperature monitoring, select data loggers with an air-probe or a probe designed specifically for ultra-cold temperatures. Devices using a buffered temperature probe provide the most accurate measurement of vaccine temperatures.

Methods for Accurate Cold-Chain Temperature Monitoring Using

Sep 10, 2013· Data loggers were tested using ice melting point checks and by comparison to calibrated thermocouples to characterize performance over 0 °C to 10

21CFR Compliant USB Data Loggers for Vaccine & Cold Chain

The OM-EL-21CFR-Series loggers are ideal for applications that require secure storage of data for critical applications such as vaccine monitoring, food and beverage, and cold

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COVID-19 Vaccine Storage Temperature Logs: Refrigerator Storage Temperature Log (Celsius) Refrigerator Storage Temperature Log (Fahrenheit) Ultra-Cold Vaccine Storage Temperature Log (Celsius)

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A vaccine cold chain is a network created by cold storage, freezers, vehicles, and carriers. The purpose of the cold chain is to store the vaccines in their rated temperature from the point of manufacture until

How to Choose a Temperature Data Logger for Vaccine Storage

Jan 31, 2020· Nowadays, data loggers offer users several ways to retrieve temperature data. This electronic documentation is proof to regulators that your facility follows best

SEL-2411TM Temperature Monitor Digital Data Logger for Vaccines

The SEL-2411TM is a complete temperature monitoring device. Powered at 24 V and networked via Ethernet, this digital data logger thermometer comes preconfigured to record cold chain storage temperatures every 30 minutes and signal if/when an excursion occurs, with a data capacity of more than 248 days.

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Power supply for cold chain equipment is supplied by the national grid or by a generator. When in doubt, contact the national power supply company. The power supply can either be 220-240V single phase or 380-400V 3-phase. In some countries (e.g. USA) the voltage is 120V single phase and 210V 3-phase. The frequency is either 50 or 60 Hz.

Optimizing Data Logger Setup for Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

Sep 1, 2015· However, current publications describing the setup of a vaccine temperature monitoring device allow for a range of untested interpretations. In this paper, we report on our study of specific temperature monitoring setup variables, including vial size, thermal buffer type, buffer fluid concentration, and placement of the probe-in-vial setup, in ...

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Oct 27, 2020· Vaccines have to be kept at cold temperatures, and some COVID-19 vaccine candidates have to stay ultracold. ... and doctors' offices have started switching to automated data loggers, which sit ...

Data loggers and cold chain management: What you should know

Mar 22, 2021· All three of these vaccines have different cold-chain requirements. The mismatch is almost comical: Johnson & Johnson vector vaccine: 2 to 8 degrees Celsius

Cold Chain Vaccine Storage: Temperature Data Loggers Essential

Jan 8, 2021· On the 4th January 2021, 82-year-old Brian Pinker became the first person to receive the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine which was approved by the MHRA for UK distribution on the 30th December 2020. [1] This follows the MHRA's approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on the 2nd December 2020 [2] ; inoculation using this vaccine began

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Temperature Monitoring Device: For accurate temperature monitoring, use a digital data logger (DDL) with a detachable probe that best reflects vaccine temperatures (e.g.,

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Digital data logger (DDL) with a probe capable of measuring frozen temperatures Transport temperature log Temperature Range Between: -50°C and -15°C (-58°F and 5°F) Between: 2°C and 8°C (36°F and 46°F) for up to 30 days Between: 8°C and 25°C (46°F and 77°F) Unpunctured vials Up to 12 consecutive hours for transport